1987 - SAAB 900 Turbo

My well loved Saab 900 Turbo Convertible is up for sale. It’s time time to finally let go of the family SAAB after 27 years of ownership and 186,000 Miles. Located in Redondo Beach, CA


The History

 My Dad and I are the second owners of this SAAB having originally bought it in 1990 from the original owner in Arizona. Its been garaged its entire life, is rust free, professional maintained with a rebuilt transmission in 2006, Head Gasket  in 2011 and new turbo in 2012. The car has an amazing top of the line sound system that presents crystal clear sound while cruising down the freeway at 75 mph

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What's So Great About this Car?

The SAAB 900 is a great example of a modern classic. It has been well maintained and drives exceptionally well. With a new turbo and a slight tune to the APC, this car really gets up and goes. The car comes with the original plastic covers for when the top is down and the original cabin cover. Maintenance records from the last decade are also included. Yes it has 186,200 miles on it but all the major engine and drive train work has been completed. Comes with extra body parts.

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What Needs Attention?

Heater control and A/C does not work. Fortunately when temp control valve got stuck it got stuck on full heat. When it’s cold I put the fan on and there is plenty of heat on tap. When it’s nice out top is down and breeze keeps me cool. Heated seats also do not work and will likely need a catalytic converter if register in California. Years ago I had it parked on the street and a pick up truck backed into the front hence the slightly warped hood. Not to worry though... The car comes with a replacement hood if you want it. 

Recent Service History

Top swap
Serviced top motor
Power steering pump

2012 Miles: 171,000
New Garret Turbo
Convert to water cooled turbo
Aluminum dump valve 

Clutch master and slave cylinder
Brake Master cylinder 

New Tires 

New Paint Job

Transmission rebuild - second gear's synchro is still temperamental and  was immediately a problem after rebuild
New Clutch 

2009 Miles: 142,400
New struts and CV Joints
Bearings replaced and repacked 

2010 Miles: 158,500
New Head Gasket
Water Pump
Valve adjustment
Front engine mounts
Idler controll valve
Ignition model and ignition Rotor
Reconditioned seats   

More Photos

Extra Parts

Listed Price: $3,800