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About Me

Business Is My Passion

I am a marketing and product innovation professional with 8 years of experience in the outdoor and athletic industry. I have worked with brands from around the world to help develop and implement strategies exceeding $20 million in value. A few of my noteworthy accomplishments include being featured in Fast Company’s ‘Most Creative People’ and keynote speaker at Product Innovation Congress, San Diego 2014 . Continue Reading →



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About Me

Business is my passion

I have found that a successful businesses relies on three essentials: a deep knowledge of the customer, an amazing product and a robust plan carried out by a capable team. As an expert in marketing, design and strategy I have be able to successfully drive growth.

I thrive when the answers are unknown—when the development and implementation of an elegant solution is required. This is when my creative, analytical and observant mind is at it’s best. 

More recently I have been expanding my interests in Circular Economy and Human Centered Design principals as a way to improve products, increase revenue and build healthier organizations. My Blog, Brilliantly Made is a point of discovery for these types of products and a conversation into how to build a brighter future. 

Notable Achievements

  • Won Santa Barbara Startup Weekend 2013

  • Keynote Speaker for the 2013 Product Innovation Conference hosted by P.I., a CIO-led learning community for manufacturers in San Diego

  • Featured in Fast Company’s “Most Creative People” for COO of Next Mover

  • Launched an outdoor search fund with: Casey Sheahan (former CEO at Patagonia), Helen Rockey (former CEO of Brooks) and Zohar Ziv (former COO of Deckers Brands)

  • Instrumental role in turn around of RMAT business



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